As the only contemporary circus organization in Hong Kong,

Hong Kong Circus aspires to create unique, original circus performances to the Hong Kong public by harmonizing circus, visual arts, theatrical and dance elements. 


Other than showcases, we also conduct international artist exchange programmes and public workshops to fortify the potentials of local performers and to cultivate public interest in circus arts.  

Our work draws inspirations from local, cultural humanistic stories that audiences can resonate to and reflect upon.



Hong Kong Circus’ mission is to introduce and promote this unique art form to Hong Kong, emphasize the importance of performing arts in the society, and strengthen the bond between people and art. 


Hong Kong Circus is an independent nonprofit organization.

In the past, we have coordinated public performances for organizations such as the Leisure and Culture Service Department, West Kowloon Culture District, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre and Hong Kong Arts Development Council.




By harmonizing contemporary circus with music, arts, dance theatre, and cultural elements in our performances, we aspire to captivate the Hong Kong public with the wonder of these unique art forms and express our beliefs to the audiences, performers and our hometown.


In circus, age and ability is just a minor concern. Embracing a determined, disciplined attitude is the most important motivation for progression. We want to construct a platform for circus practitioners to share their skills, cultivate their talents and explore new potentials.


Performance is not only purely for entertainment, it also has rich and rewarding educational values. Our work ranges from experience days to professional development. As the only circus education platform in Hong Kong, we aim to engage the Hong Kong public to circus arts, clarify the misconceptions about contemporary circus and inspire students of all ages to strive for the best during struggles and discover a better self.


We hope to develop a circus community in Hong Kong by recruiting and gathering local circus talents. Nevertheless, through the workshops and exchange opportunities in our International Artist Programme, we hope to broaden the perspectives of local performers and enhance the connections of the Hong Kong performance arts industry.